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Jvw is a SEO Maintenance, Web maintenance, Website development and Search engine optimization company in Mumbai, India.

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SEO Maintenance Services In Mumbai (India)

An important part of website maintenance is search engine optimisation with maintenance of your website (SEO Maintenance). The first step for the website is website maintenance, fine-tuning the website so that it functions properly; the next step for you is SEO maintenance so that your website can bring in traffic and business for you.

Jvw is an expert in SEO maintenance because of the years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Digital marketing.

Seo Maintenance

In The Business Of SEO Maintenance Since 2002

What is included in SEO maintenance?

A lot of things have to be taken care of as far as SEO is concerned for your website, if you do not know about these things then it is the best you let your website maintenance experts handle it. This can range from link management to server management, website speed or content management.

Website Designing

Our websites are elegant, responsive and attractive.

SEO Friendly

We provide SEO support because a website without traffic is nothing.

Web Hosting

Secure & fast hosting is available with SSL certificate.

Monthly SEO Maintenance

The basic website maintenance is used so that your site runs smoothly and SEO maintenance is done so that you maintain your site’s visibility in the search engines and you get as many visitors and enquiries as possible.

Search engine optimisation maintenance is required for new as well as old websites because the trends and the algorithms keep on changing regularly. So  if you have done SEO for your website then that is good but SEO is not a one time thing. Also you have to make sure that your on-page SEO is correct and is according to the latest algorithm and not according to the search engine optimization guidance which was given to you 10 years earlier.

Some of the things that are part of SEO maintenance package are:

  • Checking links
  • Checking ‘on page’ SEO
  • Validating the code
  • Website SEO analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Updating website content
  • Studying the website’s analytics
  • and more…

Please note that SEO maintenance contract is not the same as search engine optimisation service which includes both on page optimisation as well as off page optimisation. If you are looking for search engine optimization services and not SEO maintenance then please let us know and we will help you out with the same.

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The business was started in the year 1999 and the website has been online since 2002 under the name of Jimmy’s Value World with its official websites at and (2005).
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